Saturday, April 2, 2011

Broken Wrist and Wonder Woman (434 Days to Go)

So first up and most importantly: Jeff is home and all titanium plated up!

He's in some pain, but that's to be expected after someone drilled some screws into your bones.  He spent the afternoon yesterday sleeping on and off because the anesthesia made him groggy.  But in between naps, the pain in his arm made him incredibly restless.  Thankfully I didn't have to convince him to sit or lie still for very long in order to get him to fall back asleep again.  Luckily he hasn't suffered from any nausea.  I managed to get him to eat some soup for a late lunch without too much trouble.

I got notified yesterday that my first article was published from the Yahoo! Assignment Desk, so I'm a little tickled with that.  Hopefully occasionally writing some articles might make me a few extra bucks that I can apply to either paying for Jeff's medical expenses or towards our honeymoon fund that got totally depleted to pay the required upfront payments.

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As I mentioned briefly before, I'm a total geek and so I have to comment on this: Adrianne Palicki's newest Wonder Woman costume reveal is almost as bad as the first.  Ugh.  I know, it's not very wedding related or even day-to-day related, but it's a fashion thing, so that counts right?  What I wouldn't pay to be their costume department chair for one day.  I'd put her in black boots and pants and a motorcycle jacket and leave the red corset alone.  Bam!  Easy peasy, she'd look just like the modern age Wonder Woman from the comics and look like she belongs in the real world rather than a 90's TV series.  When I first heard that NBC was launching the show in the fall and read some of the script break down I nearly cried.  Wonder Woman shouldn't sound like a character reject from Desperate Housewives.  It was so terrible.  It was like they were trying to aim Wonder Woman at well, women.  Wrong! 
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Wonder Woman isn't for girls, she's for fanboys!  And you're certainly not going to make anyone a comic fan with that kind of show.  Instead, you'll turn away all viewers completely and get canceled faster than FOX's records at canceling shows.  What is FOX down to now, two episodes to sink or swim?  Yes, that's my personal prediction, Adrianne Palicki will not be on TV as Wonder Woman for anything more than one episode.  The rest will make their way into vault and never be seen again.  Why do I think this?  Because it's already happened before, granted on CBS, for a JLA series.  The pure fangirl in me just had to see it.  I wish I hadn't and I'm fairly certain the same will happen when Wonder Woman comes on TV--except I don't have cable, so by the time I seek it out online, it will already have so many criticisms that it will be canceled.  One final word on the subject and then I'll hopefully leave it alone until the show airs: they would have been better off hiring a busty WWE star to play Wonder Woman rather than Adrianne Palicki.  Then Wonder Woman might look believable in the aspect that she could kick your butt.

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