Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wedding Jewelry (427 Days to Go)

So as I mentioned once upon a time, my fiance is a scuba diving instructor and he and his father run a scuba diving merchandising business.  Well, back around Christmas they brought in a line of jewelry from Big Blue Jewelry that included some pieces with dive flags but also many pieces that were just sea life themed.  I know you're probably all thinking this is relatively corny, but some of the pieces were actually quite elegant looking.  I particularly liked the starfish and turtle designs.  So, it was early on during the engagement period and of course I thought this is exactly what I want for my bridal jewelry.  I'm no longer
Ocean Traveler
quite as certain four months later.  I have a feeling that I might still wear one of the pendants for a necklace but that I won't be cheesing it up by wearing matching earrings or anything else from the collection.  The solitary pendants really are quite beautiful and my FMIL has been wearing the turtle almost non-stop and it looks good with anything and everything.  Luckily, I'll be able to borrow the piece from the store for when I go to try on my dress when it gets delivered.  Oh, it makes me a tiny bit sad to think it won't be in until early fall.

Of course the long wait until when I have my dress will not keep me from browsing and looking at different pieces that catch my eye.  I have ADD; shiny jewelry is like my kryptonite. 

Clarissa Boutique
So early on in the week, I got an e-mail from Clarissa Boutique over in South Side about a trunk show that they were having for the Haute Bride jewelry line.  I have been absolutely dying to go over to Clarissa's and look around.  Unfortunately, it's not often I can find time on Saturday to run down to Southside and it's even rarer that I can get away from work early enough to go then.  Unfortunately, once again, that's exactly how my week played out.  So, I'm missing the trunk show.  But, if you have time, you can still catch it.  Today's the last day and they're open from 10am to 4pm.

So, since I couldn't view the trunk show in person, I'm doing the next best thing, I'm looking at the pieces on-line.  At least now I know that I can keep an eye open for a future trunk show or request an item to be ordered when it finally is time for me to look for real in the fall.

Haute Bride's Home Page
So it's usually a really good thing when you look at the home page and immediately find something you fall in love with.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the hand band modeled on the left in their catalog in order to get a catalog number.  I had seen bridal head bands before but they were usually a little clunky looking on wide ribbons.  That however, is much more dainty and elegant looking.  I love it.  And it would look so cute with the veil style that I've been considering.  However, I also really like the flower on the right as well.  Thank goodness I have so much time to make up my mind about what kind of accessories I want to have.  Granted this is making me all the sadder that I'll be spending my day hanging out at JoAnn's instead of going to the trunk show and being able to see the accessories up close and personal and possibly even on my head.

Haute Bride B621

Digging deeper, I found this really beautiful bracelet.  The centerpiece of the bracelet really makes me think of the jeweling on the wedding gown I've got on order.

Haute Bride SB107
So if you follow the link to their "Cocktail Collection", they have all kinds of beautiful jewelry, but also bling for the shoes!  What a cool way to customize your wedding shoes.  Now you can buy any pair of shoes to wear for the wedding and with the money you save, bling it up with one of these and you can use it on any pair of shoes afterwards!

Okay, so please don't be like me and end your weekend with trunk show regret.  Check out Clarissa Boutique and oggle up these pretties before they leave town.


So, before I sign off for the day, I just have to give myself a tiny little pat on the back.  I've been getting a few articles published on Yahoo, and right now if you Yahoo search "2011 graduation songs" my article is #1.  Google search and I'm #8.  So I'm a tiny bit hopeful that it might make slightly more than a few pennies.  Like maybe a quarter?  Here's hoping that all of this writing stuff will eventually help put some quarters and dimes into the wedding budget.

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