Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach Wedding Theme (429 Days to Go)

So I took some of that inspiration from yesterday to hit the web again and decided to think more about Jeff and I's tropically themed wedding.  What kind of things I wanted jewelry wise, decor, etc.  *Cracks Knuckles*  Google search, are you ready?

From Memories in the Baking
First off, are these not the most adorable cookies you've ever seen? Yes, look closer and do it a second and third time.  Those are cookies!  Fellow blogger, Marysol, posted these and I wish she were a professional in the Pittsburgh area.  Perhaps I can get my mom to ask her for the recipe.  Oh, wait, that's included just under the photo.  I've seen some other seashell cookies at the bridal shows, but nothing as amazing looking as those.  Usually they're boring sugar cookie cut-outs.  Apparently her secret is the John Wright Muffin Pan but still, they're incredible looking.

Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors
I just love the glassware in that picture.  Not just the bowl full of seashells and sand, but the wine glasses too.   There's just a simple elegance to all of those clear glass pieces.  The entire thing is just, wow. I really think it's the coordinating linens that pull that together so fantastically.  I had always thought a sand colored table cloth would look kinda bad, but I guess it just takes the right coordinating color (such as the coral there) to make it pop.

Courtesy of the Shiny Orb Blog
I also really like this centerpiece too.  I like the idea of the scraggly beach grass that I remember from my childhood fishing trips to Chesapeake Bay.  Done up with just a few flowers, it can look really pretty.  And the Shiny Orb even provided DIY directions for this particular centerpiece.  They even provide the advice needed to pick the right kinds of flowers.  Hey, that's exactly what I need.  I'm a brown thumb when it comes to gardening and I wouldn't know a hibiscus from a hydrangea even if you slapped me in the face with them.  I particularly like the ceramic tube in the center to jazz up the simple vase.

Courtesy of Wedding Vendors

Anytime I see a reception area lit by nothing more than a couple hundred candles, I get all mushy inside.  The lighting is so intimate and romantic that it just makes me smile.  Granted, the idea of keeping a couple hundred tiny candles lit through the entire night or at least late enough that they're necessary for an outdoor summer wedding is probably pushing my luck, my caterer's patience, and going to end up leaving my guests in the dark when the sun finally does set.  It is really pretty though!  Perhaps it'd work better for an indoor reception or a fall winter reception when the sun sets earlier.

Image from A Beautiful Wedding

Another thing I keep drooling over are water backdrops with the chiffon canopies at the end of the aisle.  I'm going to build one of these if it kills me.  I might actually do well, I'm decent with hammer, nails, and fabric.  Lucky me.  But if you're from San Diego, you can actually rent this one from ceremony planner and officiant, Reverand Renate Daversa.  But if you're more like me, here's where you can find directions to build your own canopy, or as I just learned it's proper name: chuppah.  Oh, it's for Jewish weddings?  Weird.  I thought it was for destination weddings.  I guess I'm feeling a little silly right now.  But it's also a really beautiful tradition.  If it weren't for the having to wear sleeves, I'd be all down for a Jewish wedding based on the canopy alone.

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