Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Night at the Pens Game (420 Days to Go)

The Bingo Game's Ready to Go!
So last night, Jeff and I went watch Mario's Big Screen outside the Igloo.  One of my coworkers and I went down early and saved a section of blacktop to use for our poster making and also for a small group of our chairs.  Kiss was giving away tickets for the best poster, so my coworker and I decided to enter.  Well, unfortunately, the contest started only mere minutes after we got there so, we couldn't enter.  However, we finished up and polished one of the posters in order to take it with us for the game next Saturday.  I'm kind of glad I kept working on it too because a reporter from the Beaver County Times came over and was taking pictures of my coworker and I as we finished it up.  So, we might end up making the paper tomorrow morning.  But the odds don't look that good since the Pens did lose.  That was probably the only downer for last night.

Jeff was able to make it with plenty of time and even helped me walk down to Milano's and pick up pizza and drinks for the group.  He's even showing a little more mobility in his wrist.  We were even able to grab a couple of white out towels that we getting passed around and enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided we needed to come back for any weekend games that we could.  So, since we're now guaranteed a game 5 on Saturday night, we'll be headed out to go see that on Mario's Big Screen, too.  We're even going to see if we can manage to get a couch to take next time.

After the game though we decided to see if we could find out where the players did signings on the way out of the arena.  Let's put it this way, we found where the players do exit the arena, however it is not accessible to the public at all.  In short, the Penguins no longer sign any autographs after games.  We were no so kindly escorted out of that area after some astonished security guard found us and asked how we got there.  Apparently she did not appreciate my blunt but accurate response of "we walked."  Perhaps she thought that we'd propelled down with climbing gear, I don't know.


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