Friday, April 8, 2011

Pittsburgh's Royal Wedding - Big Ben's Wedding (428 Days to Go)

Ben's Fiance, Ashley Harlan
Source: Sports Grid
So it appears that yesterday "Big Ben" Roethlisberger has finally came out in the open about his engagement to Ashley Harlan of New Castle.  It's been grinding around the rumor mill since January and honestly, I was expecting it to be a bigger topic as soon as the Superbowl was over.  I have a feeling that this will be Pittsburgh's royal wedding of the year, not just because of Big Ben's celebrity, but also because of his infamous past behavior.  It's hard to overlook multiple trips to court to battle rape charges.  And if you're like my fiance, you take the stance that these girls were probably gold digging, however, I'd personally hate to think that one of them might have been legit and it's been overlooked or downplayed because of others abusing the system.  And being a Duquesne girl myself, I've heard quite a few stories about Ben's tours of the South Side where he thought he could buy any girl in the bar with just a good mixed drink and would get pretty angry if he was told "no".

Okay, enough of my poo-pooing on Pittsburgh's royal wedding. 

The details thus far:

Oops, wrong DWTS contestant will be
present at the Consol Energy Center that night.
The date has been set for July 23rd, one week before training camp starts.  Apparently Ashley's crossing her fingers for a continued lock out in order to get her honeymoon.  But seriously, why not book it a week earlier or a month for that matter?  I doubt Ben has any fiscal challenges in booking a venue.  Granted he was turned away from the Consol Energy Center because of a WWE wrestling match.  But again, this strikes me as a timing issue, not a money issue.  Obviously money can't be an issue when you're planning to invite 500 guests.  And I'm pretty sure that when you're inviting all of the "Stillers", you'll have to count some of them two or three times when giving a final head count to the caterer.  So the hunt for a venue continues.

Perhaps they're merely trying to plan the wedding as closely as possible to when they met six years ago at training camp?  That would be romantic.

And if for some reason you feel inclined to buy Big Ben and Ashley a wedding present, you can either make a donation to Ben's charity (the Ronald McDonald House) or buy something off of Ms. Harlan's bridal shower registries.  Apparently there are several amongst the local department stores.  Already, strangers have started to mail in the gifts sans an invite to the shower.  I wish random people would send me gifts.  Especially since I can't afford the stuff and she certainly will be capable of it after July 23rd.  I mean in all seriousness, why would you buy a celebrity a wedding present?  They don't need our charity.  It should be the other way around.  If you have that much money, you should be looking up random people's wedding registries and be buying them a wok or a waffle maker.  And this really does strike me as odd because I'm fairly certain the average British citizen wouldn't dream of buying Kate Middleton a new set of silverware if they weren't invited to the wedding.

Another curiosity, they won't be living together until after the wedding. No wonder Ashley's hoping for a lock out to extend the honeymoon!  Ben is claiming it's for religious reasons which is somewhat understandable, especially here in Western PA, but it's also a little shocking considering his past history.  Perhaps it is more for her religious qualms than his, but it seems rare in this modern age to not live with your future hubby or wife before the wedding. Hopefully Ashley and Ben won't spend their first night of marriage arguing over who gets which side of the bed!  I guess we'll find out when Ben's dragging his feet to training camp.


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