Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wearing White (423 Days to Go)

Jeff & I at last year's playoffs. 
Round 1, Game 5
You thought I was going to talk about wedding dresses, didn't you?
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Today marks the official start of the Penguins playoff season and thus, it is time to bust out the white Penguins related wardrobe.  There's the white version of the Penguins Jersey (usually the old Winter Classic Jersey in pale blue is considered acceptable), unofficial t-shirts from Strip District, the many t-shirts given away every year at the arena, and the dozens you can buy that are official NHL white-out t-shirts.  There's even white-out rally towels--lovingly stolen from Myron Cope's Terrible Towel.  In fact, Pittsburgh has been so instrumental in developing the concept of the rally towel, that last time we won the Stanley Cup in 2009, Detroit felt the need to make a towel of their own in red.  Obviously, it wasn't enough for them to win.

Maxime Talbot
Last year, Jeff grew out a playoff beard, and for those of you unaware of this crazed facial hair superstition, let this picture be your first introduction.  Last night was the last that any of the Penguins will touch a razor until the playoff season is over for them.  Hopefully,  by the time it's done, we'll be chuckling at Crosby's lack of beard and the rest of the team will all be well bearded and hefting the Stanley Cup.

But Jeff has agreed not to for this year and next for the sake of our engagement photos and for the wedding.  Yes, playoffs could last so long that our June 9th wedding could be coinciding with the final round.  Oops.  If the Penguins do well next year, I can look forward to five groomsmen sporting beards.  If you recall there are actually six, but Dom is physically incapable of growing any hair on his head.  But luckily he's got a nice skull for it.  

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, they're bringing back the outdoor viewing screen!  The location has changed as it will now be outside Gate 2 of Mellon Arena, but who cares?!  Anyone have an old futon they don't want? I'm hoping that if it goes to game 5, Jeff and I will be able to go as an anniversary to the first game we ever attended.

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