Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Bridal Nightmare (431 Days to Go)

So Sunday's plan more or less completely fell apart.  Oh well.  I think that Jeff and I needed the day to stay home and watch movies more anyway.  My knitting class has now been tentatively rescheduled for Palm Sunday.  Good thing I'm not super religious.

Saturday he had to go back into the shop to work since his dad had to be in the pool with students, so both my FMIL and I kept Jeff company and made sure he didn't over exert himself trying to grab inventory from top shelves.  The last thing we needed was for him to pull his stitches after only a day.

After we got the shop closed up mid-afternoon, my FMIL and went shopping for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time.  Almost 95% of that time we spent at Kohl's because she a) had a coupon and b) she cannot pass up good sales.  Since I'm still relatively fresh out of school and my current job requires quite the opposite, I don't have much of a professional wardrobe; so together she and I pulled together a nice blazer outfit with a couple of different shirts.  I really liked the blazer (pictured right) because it was so versatile which I thought was incredibly important when just starting to build my wardrobe. Pretty much everything that I bought was Apt 9 brand which was incredibly youthful and vibrant in the color selection.  I never really felt like I was looking at anything that was frumpy or too old for me despite the fact that I'm a little too big to fit into juniors or misses anymore.  I blame the linebacker shoulders I inherited from my father's side of the family.

But it was interesting shopping with my FMIL because I haven't often enjoyed shopping at all. I'm the type of person that prefers to go by myself, try stuff on and get out.  Mostly because my girlfriends have never really had the time that we could get together for shopping trips or even when we do, I feel rushed when looking for myself.  That and shopping with my own mother is difficult because she already has preconceived notions of what I should like and wear.  Typically these don't match up with reality.  I grew up in a town where fashion is about 2-3 years behind and once I moved to Pittsburgh, I was determined to not let that be the case any longer.  I'm not too far out into crazy fashion (like Lady Gaga) but I certainly don't like bells and penguins to decorate my sweaters in the winter.  So hopefully I'll soon have a job interview and a career to go along with the new wardrobe that's underway.

But Saturday night was, well, interesting.  Jeff slept in a recliner in the living room in order to minimize how much he moved around because of his wrist and after a year, I no longer sleep as well in bed alone.  So I was tossing and turning which has pretty much been the case for both of us since he broke his wrist.  Well, that night I had an incredibly vivid dream about our wedding.  Yes, my first wedding nightmare.  I dreamt that when I woke the next morning that it was our wedding day and of course, nothing was done, ordered, ready, delivered or booked.  It was just utter chaos and I went through the day from start to finish in a near panic and missed the ceremony because I was too busy trying to arrange flowers for the reception.  Basically the entire day I was just trying to keep one step ahead of everyone else that I didn't see anyone except for my MOHs and that was to give them the meager six bottles of alcohol I had for the bar which I later found out that the groomsmen drank between the ceremony and reception.

Well, eventually my tossing and turning woke me up and when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I was telling Jeff all about my dream.  We then walked through the whole dream together watching myself flounder about aimlessly and helplessly.  It was an extremely weird out of body experience for a dream inside a dream.  Well, when I finally woke up Sunday morning, Jeff had moved back to the bed at some point and I started to tell him about my weird dream and then paused half afraid that I was about to re-experience the whole damn thing a third time.  I even went so far as to make him pinch me.  It feels like it's way too soon for me start having wedding nightmares.

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