Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OMG, Monday was Good? (424 Days to Go)

So Sunday, my mom came to visit Jeff and I and took us out to lunch (right after she helped repair what was an ice cream shortage and near crisis in our freezer with some fantastic Turkey Hill Ice Cream).  We went out for lunch at Bahama Breeze and caught up on everything that's been happening: my cousin's new baby, my mom's shop, lack of wedding plans, my job hunt, Jeff's wrist, etc.

While we were sitting there chatting my mom suggested I try Google-ing for barn dances to see if there's a location that would be suitable for our wedding but not necessarily marketed for weddings.  So, yesterday, I had a few spare moments to try searching for her suggested "search terms".  I got nada except for some college group trip to some place in Westmoreland county.  Couldn't find that farm once I tried to narrow in on it.  So I broadened back out and found a catering website with a ton of different farm and outdoor reception sites.  Carson's Weddings may have just restored my faith in being able to find an outdoor venue that I can afford and fall in love with.  Thank you!

So, Sunday night Jeff and I ended up having only what I can describe as an argument.  Only because I was super frustrated.  This weekend I'd had the bomb dropped on me that Jeff would not be available to go with me to venues, cake tasting, or anything unless I was able to make all arrangements be in the evenings or on Sundays that weren't "too busy".  Otherwise, everything is now on my shoulders to bear pretty much alone.  Because as much as I'd love to delegate looking at venues, I can't--not really at least.  I mean, let's be practical, would you let your mother go alone to view a possible venue and base your decision on description alone?  Of course not.  You might as well base your decision on photos from a website.

And of course, I'm starting to actually be busy teaching knitting on the weekends which means I will have even less free time now, specifically, fewer Sundays to try and coordinate with Jeff.  So, Sunday night I was upset because I have too much to do and not enough time and yet more keeps getting dumped on me every time I turn around--such as a fall craft show for the fire hall, more confirmation that the wedding is all on me, and of course all the house hold chores because he's still a gimp.  So not cut out for this much domestication all at once.

But what came of the discussion is that Jeff said he'd be willing to more or less be my personal wedding assistant.  He would take care of calling vendors and venues and setting up the appointments for me to attend.  It's a huge load off my back since I have a supervisor currently who won't leave me alone for five minutes and I've been getting only barely enough time to eat for the past several weeks.  More frustrating: a lack of getting paid for the significant amounts of overtime I have.  In short, the HR system punishes the workers if we are overtime because supervisors don't want to pay it and don't acknowledge that they've caused us overtime either.  It's actually less of a headache to suck it up and ask for a day off and cross your fingers your supervisor allows it. 

Now I only have to hope that Jeff doesn't keep forgetting to make calls on my behalf.  It's certainly happened before and it's frustrating because it causes delays but I can't do any better myself so I guess I have to be grateful for any help I can get.

But, to make Monday all the sweeter, I finally got a call for a job interview on Friday.  This girl needs to dig into the attic and resurrect some analytical chem texts and study up.  Wish me luck!

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