Friday, March 25, 2011

The Beginning (442 Days to Go)

So I'm starting the blog a little early...but already there is so much to do that I couldn't wait until June to start.

One year, one month, and two weeks, and four days ago I met the man who would be the love of my life and fell hard and fast.  We met through which had been suggested to me by one of my successfully married coworkers in the middle of the record breaking 2010 blizzard that hit the north east.  By Summer, we were spending so much time together that we practically lived together and so we decided to just make it official and I moved in with him in September.  Exactly Ten and a half months after we'd met, he came home to me on a red eye flight from a work trip in Vegas, ate breakfast with me in our little apartment's kitchen and while I was cleaning up, he went down on one knee and proposed.

I made a promise to myself that afternoon (after I'd recovered my senses and could form coherent phrases aside from "Yes, Yes!!!" and "Of Course!!!") that I would not allow myself to become a bride-zilla.  I planned to be organized and systematic...and read everything wedding related that the internet could dish out to me.  I signed up for such sites as The Knot, Fashionable Bride and Get Married and began staring at hundreds of photos of wedding dresses, reception decor, and beautiful outdoor settings.

It wasn't long before my scuba diving instructor fiance and I decided that we somehow wanted to create a tropical feeling wedding in western Pennsylvania which is a little short on sun and sand.  We set our date for June 9th, 2012.

As of now, all we have are a photographer booked, a date set, and my dress has been ordered.  The venue still vexes me and I'm begging for the weather to turn nice so that we can go look at places and get one booked soon.  The downside to wanting your wedding outdoors is finding an outdoor venue that's affordable.  The biggest problem has not been so much the price of the venue itself but the caterers that they force upon you.  When you have a probable attendance somewhere between 200 and 300 guests, the caterer's price turns into the most important part of your budgeting.  Of course another complication is appeasing everyone's parents as well.  But what's a bride-to-be to do?

Adding another level of complexity, just last weekend, my fiance broke his wrist snowboarding.  So despite the fact that spring is around the bend and he's about to go into the busy season for his work, he's going to be in a cast for a while.  So right now we're juggling appointments and trying to set up a surgery date to get pins put in.  Yep, he broke it good.  And on a wedding related note, it will set back when we'd hoped (ok, I'd hoped) to get our engagement photo session done.  However, it seems to be good practice for me to go into "House Wife" mode, eh.  Normally we're pretty good about splitting the house chores, but his wrist is severely limiting his ability to help out.  Which is pretty trying on me considering how much I hate to do two chores that he can't do at all: washing dishes and folding clothes.  I's terrible of me to say...but I really do hate those chores.  But plus side, my supervisor who normally gives me a hard time is suddenly very understanding of the fact I need to make sure I leave work on time or take a day off in order to take care of my fiance.  He's a very "old school" type of man.

But on the upside of everything that's going on right now...we've been finding a little more time to spend at home lately.  Sometimes it's just nice to make dinner at home, pop in the Netflix and curl up on the couch.  Perhaps someday I'll find enough couch time to finish knitting the baby blanket for my cousin's baby who was just born yesterday.  A little prematurely in my defense.

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