Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jeff's Broken Wrist (437 Days to Go)

That's similar to what Jeff did, except
he knocked both knobs off the radius.
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So this morning I'm taking Jeff for his second consultation with a second orthopedic surgeon.  Actually today should have been his surgery, but the surgeon's secretary, PA, nurse or whomever who did the scheduling really screwed up.  He broke his wrist last Saturday (the 19th), we took him to the emergency room for x-rays on Sunday when the swelling didn't go down (and because he didn't want to go in the middle of our vacation to Seven Springs), and saw the first orthopedic surgeon Monday.  That first surgeon gave us a recommendation to the second surgeon because he's a hand/wrist specialist and told us we needed to go get cat scans right away so we could get in for a consultation later in the week and get the surgery scheduled for either next Tuesday (yesterday) or Wednesday (today).  So, his secretary called the other surgeon's office and left a message telling them to book an OR and to schedule a consultation to see the cat scans.  Well, all they did was schedule a consultation and they booked it for today rather than a week ago.  So now, Jeff has been wearing a temporary cast on his arm for over a week and it's no longer the right size because the swelling has gone down significantly which is actually now causing it to rub his wrist raw--the broken wrist!  To say the least, I'm annoyed with the health care system.  So hopefully the surgeon will come to the same conclusion we have already for over a week, that he needs surgery asap, and schedule it for in the next few days.  The sooner the boy gets into a regular cast the happier I'll be.

But in the meantime, I'm sitting here waiting.  The upside to all of this is that after we get out of here, I'm dragging him to Sam's Club so we can pick up my new eyeglasses.  I'm not planning on wearing these new frames all the time because I got them specifically for our wedding.  They're rimless, silver, and pale blue.  My current frames are a relatively bold black pair and don't always photograph well, especially since I didn't get glare free lenses.  Essentially, I'm scared that if I start wearing them everyday now, I'll walk into a wall and break them before the wedding.  Don't laugh, I've done some serious bending to my current frames that way.  I really can't ever seem to remember door frames, especially the one around our pantry.  And the pair before these, my cat chewed off the end of one of the ear pieces.  Relatively impressive work actually.  It's not so noticeable to the observer but a real pain for me because they scratch the side of my head like crazy.  So, unless it's a special occasion, those frames will most likely spend a good deal of time hanging out in my top dresser drawer away from my clumsy self and from my kitten's gnawing habit.

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The other upside is that I have my Nook.  I'm completely addicted to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and just itching to get to the bottom of the mystery.  It's been a while since a book has managed to keep me in suspense for three hundred  plus pages.  However, if I was good, I'd actually be knitting on my cousin's baby's blanket instead.  The silly blanket was supposed to be incredibly easy, but it has so many stitches on it that every time I transport it somewhere, I spend at least a half hour picking stitches back up because nearly the entire thing has fallen off the needles.  Thus, why I'm reading instead.  A girl can only take so much frustration before even her knitting no longer feels like zen.  But I do need to find my zen again soon.  I have to teach knitting at Jo-Ann's on Saturday so it'd probably be best if the teacher wasn't stressed while trying to preach the calming effects of knitting.  Then again, I've always had the attitude of "do as I say, not as I do."

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